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Welcome in Campus South Paris

key figures

23.500 students
160 training courses
2.200 places in students housing

Welcome to the Wide Green Campus !

The Wide Green Campus is located in the Melun Val de Seine, Pays de Fontainebleau and Grand Paris South, only 30km south of Paris. The Campus combines the benefits of the countryside (large forests, green areas) with city facilities. 23.500 students have chosen to study here and follow one of the 160 training courses of Campus universities or establishments. Most of these universities provide special degree courses for foreign students.

Campus establishments

The Campus includes prominent establishments of higher education such as Université Panthéon-Assas in Melun, Université Paris Est Créteil – Iut Sénart-Fontainebleau, Icam Paris-Sénart, Université d’Evry, Telecom Sud Paris, ENSIIE, mines ParisTech, INSEAD, Ecole des Officiers de la Gendarmerie Nationale.
The Campus universities will guide you through your French studies. You will be able to work with other universities and a chance to study university courses dedicated to foreign students. The Onisep search engine identifies all the studies you can attend on the Campus.

Science Accueil Evry in Grand Paris South

Science Accueil Evry is the annex in Evry of Science Welcome. The association helps people coming for professional purposes and for a temporary stay to find living accommodations and to group together all the informations (administrative procedures, housing, French courses, leisure, …) which may be of use to them then and later during their stay, if they need to contact a particular service or person.

Contact : evry@science-accueil.org / Website : www.science-accueil.org/uk

Teaching and research establishments in Grand Paris South

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Campus facilities

This website provides you with the latest news about the Campus, student housing, leisure and transport facilities, places to eat & drink :
Suburban train network and bus lines get you to Paris in 35 minutes or to other cities of the campus.

  • 400 restaurants and bars
  • 444 sports clubs, swimming pools, ice-skating rinks, equestrian centers, outdoor climbing, water sports centers…
  • Housing for 2.200 students and soon 600 more places
  • Movie, theatres, bowling alleys, concert halls, auditoriums…
  • The lively campus cities are brightened up by major festive events, such as international concerts and shows, fencing clubs, marathon and so on. Have a look at the students’ events schedule, filled in by the students themselves, in order to share parties, concerts and meetings You are more than welcome to contribute to this schedule with your own ideas an events.

Student advantages

Your student status will entitle you to reductions on transport, leisure activities on the campus

The French university system

As in most European countries, the French university system is based on degree, master and post-graduate studies. There is also a large variety of degrees specific to each institution :

www.campusfrance.org (available in many different languages)
www.onisep.fr (explanation of the whole French university system)

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